Guide to buying abroad

Buying a property abroad has become a fast growing pastime for many Brits and it is even estimated that 1.2 million britons now own a property in France or Spain.

But there is now an opportunity to purchase property abroad much further afield and with favourable exchange rates in the US Florida is a key destination for overseas property investment whether as a holiday home or rental opportunity.

Buying a property abroad can be fairly straightforward as long as you use the right advisors who of course can converse in the correct language and in turn notify you clearly in English what is going on. But there are many differences in purchasing abroad depending on which country you are buying your property in.

Bulgaria Canada Cyprus
France Italy Malta
New Zealand Poland Portugal
South Africa Spain Switzerland

Left is a list of Countries where we have given more in depth information but remember always do your research before committing and ALWAYS take professional legal advice. Just Click on a Country for more information.

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