Guide to buying abroad in New Zealand

Overseas mortgages New Zealand has a population of approximately 4 million, and the majority of its newcomers under retirement age emigrate to Auckland , Christchurch and Wellington due to the job opportunities they on offer. The further North you go the more expensive properties are likely to be. Most houses are timber framed with brick builds becoming more popular recently with most homes being large and detached.

Auckland has become a very prosperous and wealthy city and attracts most people to its growing economy. Christchurch is the place to be if you are looking to live closer to the country's beaches and vineyards and where properties are slightly cheaper. Wellington, being the capital city offers a lot by way of business and commerce and this affects the price of property and the supply of rented accommodation.

If you are considering emigrating to New Zealand, you will be considered a citizen of the country and therefore will not come up against the same restrictions on buying land as you would If you were buying for any other reason, the restriction being that you could not buy a piece of land that exceeds 4,074 square meters unless you have sought permission from the District Land Registrar.


New Zealand mortgages If you would like to take a family pet into New Zealand, your pet will need to have had a series of test carried out by a vet to discover if it has any illness or desease and as we do not have rabies in the UK the likelihood of refusal is slim.

The quarantine period for pets will be for 30 days and your animal will need to have been micro chipped.

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