Guide to buying abroad in Poland

Mortgages abroad Poland has become a popular destination for tourists looking for something slightly different. It is a country that was once locked away from the West and has gradually built a reputation based on its lively culture and interesting past.

More and more airlines are adopting places in Poland and low cost carriers regularly fly into places such as Poznan on a regular basis. It is in the centre of Europe, it is separated from the Czech Republic and Slovakia by mountains is bordered by the Baltic Sea and also by Russia.

It has a varied climate from warm sub tropical climates from the south and in winter has polar continental fronts with minus 50C temperatures in Warsaw but in January all parts of the country have temperatures below freezing.


Buying in Poland If you are wanting to set up a business in Poland you must obtain permits from various state agencies for instance for the purchase of land or properties you would apply to The Ministry of Internal Affairs - your tax relief permit would be given to you by The Ministry of Finance.

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