Notes for property purchase in Poland

Mortgages abroad Non Polish Nationals can only take out a loan if they are in possession of a card of habitual or temporary residence. If you are not a Polish national it is worth checking your legal position thoroughly if you are buying anything other than an apartment.

You should check with your estate agent/lawyer of any costs you are likely to incurr. You should also find out the date the property will be registered in your name as the lender will not lend on the security of the property unless is is registered.


Witnessing the completion of a Polish mortgage will be an appointed notary and all parties to the mortgage. This will include lawyers, vendors and a representative of the lender. The lawyer or notary will often incorporate the costs of assigning the mortgage within their charges.

You should always try to secure a mortgage before agreeing to purchase the property. You will need to open a Polish bank account and some lenders will arrange this for you. All loans will be either in Euros, Swiss Francs or UK Dollars. It is advisable that all mortgages should have a suitable life assurance policy attached to them.

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