Guide to buying abroad in Switzerland

Overseas mortgages Switzerland has long been the choice of residence for people wishing to live in a relatively small country with beautiful clean air and stunning scenery. Its climate ranges from a warm Mediterranean one in some areas to a chilly alpine one, depending on where you choose to live.

As with all countries there are rules and regulations, you will need to acquire a Swiss residence permit and the authorities do not hand these out to anyone. It is easier, however, if you have an EU passport are retired or have an annual income of over 50,000 CHF or have lived in the country already for over 180 days.

If you would like to buy a property in Switzerland and you are not a resident then your search will need to be dedicated to the tourist areas and holiday properties within. If you are after a plot of land that exceeds 3000m2 you will need to secure permission.

It is now possible to become self employed in Switzerland and EU passport holders are able to apply as long as you have an EU passport, have an economic activity within their parameters and is not protected, have an annual salary of over 50,000 CHF and have been living in the country at least 180 days.

Overseas mortgages

To bring pets into Switzerland

Dogs and cats will need a veterinary certificate which states that the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and is generally in good health. It must have been vaccinated at least 30 days and not more than one year before being brought in.

You will be charged a small duty for your pet on arrival and your dog must have a license which you should be able to buy from your vet although in some areas you will be able to buy your licence at a cost of around Sfr50.00 from the local authority.

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