Notes for property purchase in The USA Florida

Overseas mortgages Lenders in Florida will take into consideration 50% of any proposed rental income from the property for mortgage calculations.

If you are self employed you will be required to provide proof of your accounts with copies of the last three years audited accounts.

You will also need to supply copies of both your last 12 months business and last 6 months personal bank statements. Your loan will only be offered either in Stirling or US Dollars.


The loan will be based on your joint net or take home pay and is calculated entirely on an affordability basis. All your exisiting liabilities will be taken into account. These include payments made via your bank account including any loans, maintenance payments and current mortgage or rental payments.

Mortgage repayments should not exceed 38% of your net monthly income. You should check that the estate agent/lawyer that you are fully up to speed on any costs charged by the legal and government authorities for purchasing a property in Florida. It is important to be aware that your lender will be paying their own legal costs for assigning the loan.

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