Car Loans

Car Loans It is not just the traditional loan companies that will encourage you to take out a loan for a car. Companies that used to provide you with car insurance now make It their business to encourage you to borrow from them. Offering loans to people with adverse credit, although you will likely pay a higher rate of interest.

Car loan companies that are not tied to a specific manufacturer or dealership might offer incentives that are not car-related such as shopping vouchers and discounts, or flexible loan repayment terms and repayment holidays.

Below is a current Best Buy Rates Table for Car Loans. For more information or to apply click apply and go straight through direct to the lender. There are a choice of lenders including those specialising in poor credit allowing customers to purchase a car whatever their circumstances.


Car loans Some car dealers offer cash back, road side assistance, free insurance or free servicing on the vehicle, and some may offer car-related products and discounts.

As with all loans, it is important that you read the small print having done your homework and found the best deal for your own individual circumstances.

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