Mortgage Guide

Unless you have already taken out a mortgage the whole idea of chosing one that suits your finances and way of life may seem almost too complicated to contemplate.

Lending is big business and there are a large number of lenders to choose from. All of whom want your money but are also keen to offer you the best deal that ensures that you will be able to make all your regular payments. No one wants to see a borrower in difficult circumstances and least of all to see a home re-possessed.

Mortgages were traditionally taken over a 25 year period. Your circumstances may be that as a high earner you will be able to pay the loan off over a 10 year period. The shorter the mortgage term the cheaper it will work out overall. This is when a mortgage that allows you to make overpayments may be more suitable.

In fact, more and more lenders are becoming increasingly flexible as our working lives become less simple and will allow you to almost design your own mortgage package. It may be possible to arrange a mortgage that is part-repayment and part-endowment.


As a first time buyer you may wish to go for the mortgage with the lowest available interest rate. So you may start off on a discounted deal that becomes flexible a bit further down the line. Whichever category you fall into make sure you do your homework.

We will introduce you to a fees free independant mortgage broker who will help you through the home building process and help you choose the best possible mortgage to suit you and will fully explain what is going on through regular updates.

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