Professional Mortgage

The professional home loan is based on a Flexible Mortgage. It has been designed semi-exclusively for dentists, doctors, vets, accountants, solicitors, teachers, and pharmacists.

In the past lenders would allow professionals to borrow 100% of the valuation or purchase price of the property (whichever is lower). But this is no longer the case.

This enables mortgage applicants to borrow more because of the type of job that they do. Income multiples range from between 4.5 times annual salary to 5 times annual salary for Professional Mortgages.

Applicants can additionaly borrow another 10% on top of this for any other purpose. For example, any renovations that may be required of your new property, a holiday, car, business or education needs. The funds are available from the day your mortgage completes.

We can put you in touch with a fees free independant mortgage advisor who will be able to recommend lenders who can provide a mortgage best suited to professionals.



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