Cheshire Building Society

Mortgage Providers

This building society was established during the late 1870's. The Society is the result of a series of 13 mergers, which began in the late sixties with the merger of Northwich Building Society. This was followed by a series of smaller mergers through the 1970's and 80's. Its branches extend throughout the North West of England and includes over 50 building society branches.

The society now employs almost a thousand staff and ranks 10th in size out of a total of over sixty building societies.

It is a successful, independent mutual society with a strong emphasis on its regional customer base. They now operate nationally since the launch of their eCommerce and Intermediary channels and Customer Contact Centre.

It not only offers advice on mortgages but also on buyiing a selling your property with a full range of services to help your move run smoothly both here and abroad.

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