Co-Operative Bank

Mortgage Providers

Established in 1872 The Co Operative or CO OP bank has been the banking division of the Co-operative Wholesale Society. Its early days in finance consisted of taking deposits and granting loans to its own retail societies but after changing its name to the CWS Bank it began acting for personal customers too.

Branches were opened throughout England and shortly after the First World War opened in-store banking areas.

Its name changed back to the Co-operative Bank and is today the UK Bank to publish an ethical stance and so ensures customers that monies held within the bank are only lent and used for ethical reasons.

The Co-operative Bank offers free banking for personal customers who remain in credit and In 1991 the Bank introduced a guaranteed "free for life" Gold Visa card.

As with all high street banks, the Co-op Bank has a healthy range of mortgages to choose from allowing you to apply either in a branch or by telephone, these include;

Fixed Rate, Discount, Variable Rate, Capped Rate, and Base Rate Tracker products.

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