Ecology Building Society

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The Ecology Building Society was established in 1981. They are the UK's newest building society. They use the money deposited by their account holders to lend money towards properties that in turn can help the environment.

These can include houses with energy efficient systems, derelict or disused properties and housing that can offer low impact lifestyles. This has shown how the society's lending has some environmental pluses, from renovation of derelict buildings - a form of recycling - organic farms or for woodland cultivation or mortgages for small green businesses.

A mutual building society, it has become dedicated to the improvment of the environment by promoting sustainable housing and sustainable communities their mortgage lending criteria differs from a standard building society.

Some of their criteria are; Low-impact lifestyles; Energy efficient properties; Ecological renovation; Derelict and dilapidated properties; Small-scale and ecological enterprise

Contact Details

Address: 7 Belton Road; Silsden; Keighley; West Yorkshire; BD20 0EE
Telephone: 0845 674 5566

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