First Direct

Mortgage Providers

First direct launched in 1989 as a branchless bank offering its banking services via telephone, internet and text messaging. It operates from 2 main sites in the UK, Leeds and Hamilton.

First Direct are never closed and offer a 24/7 service to 1.2 million customers. Of these 750,000 use the internet for their banking and 460,000 of its customers use the SMS text service.

First Direct offer all major banking services and within its mortgage portflio has 4 different products.

Repayment Mortgage, Fixed Rate Repayment, Offset Mortgages where you link you savings and current accounts together and just pay interest on the difference and fixed rate offset mortgages where the rate is fixed for 3 years.

First Direct have won a number of awards relating to their lending expertise and these include:

• Best National Lender Over 10 and 2 Years 2005 from What Mortgage magazine

• Best Internet Lender for 2004 from Mortgage Advisor & Home Buyer magazine.

Contact Details

Address: 40 Wakefield Road; Leeds; LS98 1FD
Telephone: 0800 24 24 24

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