Kent Reliance Building Society

Mortgage Providers

As a mutual society, The Kent Reliance Building Society, does not need to pay shareholders any dividends. So in common with other 'mutuals' they are able to pass on their profits by offering their members a more competitive range of financial products.

It has assets of over £1 billion, and a network of branches and agencies throughout the county, it is happy to welcome customers from other parts of the country.

This society is the only one based in Kent.

Over the years it has iIncorporated the Chatham Reliance which was established 1898, The Dover District which went back to 1861, the Herne Bay from 1888 and Kent and Canterbury established in the mid 1840s.

As a building society it runs for the benefit of its members and as a member of Kent Reliance Building Society you can expect a complete range of competitive financial products and services from information on self-build mortgages to shared ownership deals.

As a smaller organisation the society beliives it can offer its members a flexible and swift service that will be most suited to their individual circumstances.


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