Monmouthshire Building Society

Mortgage Providers

This Building Society was created in Newport in the late 1860's. It has held on to its mutual status and in so doing, is able to pass on the benefits to its members rather than pay it as dividends to shareholders. They are an independent regional Society who are keen continue to apply mutual principles to all their affairs.

The Monmouth operates a network of branches and agency offices. As with other smaller mutual societies it operates a restriction on the opening of savings and investment accounts based on geographics. The restriction applies beyond a 20 mile radius from their branch and agency offices covering the M4 corridor from the Severn Bridge to Swansea.

The society is well placed to offer advice on all sorts of mortgages and remortgages to its members. As well as offering a comprehensive menu of savings plans to suit all ages and budgets. The society aims to provide a service which is recognised as being personal, friendly, efficient and flexible.

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