Mortgages PLC

Mortgages PLC offered mortgages in the UK for both residential and buy to let home loans. Mortgages PLC is now purely a servicing company specialising in loans from the UK non-conforming market.

If you have an existing loan with Mortgages PLC you can contact them below.

Mortgages PLC Contact Details

If you wish to discuss early repayment quotations, mortgage statements, direct debits, standing orders or any general query then please contact them on 0330 123 3867

Please check with your service provider for your call charges.

Address: Mortgages PLC, P.O. Box 64, Skipton BD23 9DT


Mortgage PLC History

Based in Glasgow Mortgages PLC was founded in 1997 and launched in March 1998. They offered a range of residential sub prime mortgage products specifically designed to meet the needs of borrowers whose circumstances often put them outside the mainstream market, so customers with a bad credit history, CCJ's, defaults etc were considered.

In November 2004, Mortgages plc was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Merrill Lynch, one of the world's leading financial institutions. However since April 2008 Mortgages plc ceased to offer any new mortgages and has since focused on servicing and administering its assets. Mortgages plc is now a subsidiary of Bank Of America Corporation.

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