Nationwide Building Society

Mortgage Providers

One of the largest and well known building societies in the country. Nationwide is now within the top five home loan lenders in the UK. It has grown to become the eighth largest saving and lending organisation by asses size. The society offers mortgages, remortgages and Buy toLet Mortgages.

They are the largest building society in the world having been in existance for over 150 years.

As such a large society they are able to offer a fully comprehensive services that are not always available to customers of smaller societies. It has a history of helping those in the community and encourages charitable acitivies, it has championed various causes including distributing refelctors to children to cut the amount of road accidents.

Children form a large part of the society's customer base. In fact one in eight children open a savings account with them.

In June 1995 it became one of the first finance organisations to have a web site. It is fresh, very informative and appears user friendly. In October '95 they became the firstever building society to launch PC home banking.

As well as being the first to launch the retail banking they are also proud to say that they were the first to have an internet banking service available through TV and are able to offer Europe's first Pocket mobile banking service.

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