Norwich and Peterborough Building Society

Mortgage Providers

This Building Society was established in October 1986. The merger was between Peterborough and the Norwich Building Societies. At that time their enormous joint assets where from Peterborough's £280 million and the Norwich's £176 million. The society has now grown to over 50 branches, one of which is in Gibralter.

With a keen eye on its obligations to serving its local community over the last 10 years the Society has proactively introduced a number of successful environmental practices. This includes launching its own environmental policy in November 2000.

THE NORWICH AND PETERBOROUGH GROUP'S ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY — "To minimise our impact on the environment by adopting best practice in the use of energy, management of waste and use of natural resources."

It has a clearly defind stable of mortgages and remortgages including self build mortgages and offset mortgages and savings products tailored to suit its customers needs from offering Green Mortgages to online share dealing.


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