Preferred Mortgages

Preferred Mortgages was owned by Lehman Brothers who withdrew from the UK Bad Credit secured loan market in 2007. Subsequently Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy in September 2008.

If you have an existing loan with Preferred you can contact Acenden Mortgages who now deal with all existing loans and mortgages.

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Preferred Mortgage History

Preferred Mortgages specialised in providing secured loans and mortgages for those with poor or adverse credit. They offered a variety of products with rates dependent on your credit history and how many CCJ's you has and to what value.

They provided mortgage finance and bridging loans to a wide variety of customers ranging from adverse credit, Right to Buy, Buy To Let and Self Certification mortgages.

Their loans and mortgages were only available via intermediaries, mortgage and financial advisors.

Preferred Mortgages was wholly owned by Lehman Brothers until 2008.

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