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Scotland’s first mutual life office was born in March 1812 by a group of Scotsmen in Edinburgh. Their idea was to set up a general fund to help widows, sisters and other females related to deceased clergymen, schoolmasters and the like. This was set up to help avoid them becoming poverty stricken as was all too common in the 19th century.

The Scottish Widows Fund and Equitable Assurance Society was Scotland's first mutual life office. By September 1821 it had funds of £20,000.

The company is now a part of Lloyds TSB Group and offers various financial products including loans, savings and a full mortgage portfolio. Amongst its mortgages it specialises in Professional mortgages as well as flexible and lifetime mortgages.

What Mortgages do Scottish Widows Offer?

Professional mortgages - These are available to accountants, doctors, dentists, teachers, solicitors, vets and pharmacists.

Flexible Mortgages - These are available to meet the needs of many people – employed or self employed.

Contact Details

Address: 15 Dalkeith Road; Edinburgh; EH16 5BU
Telephone: 0845 845 0829

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