Credit Cards

Finances In what is becoming an increasingly cashless society the credit card has become almost a necessity. There are points for and points against. With most people having more than one card, each offering differing services from reward points to travel insurance. They can be used abroad as long as the outlet is showing the relevant symbol.

Online purchases as well as telephone purchases are also possible with a credit card as well as cash advances are also available although charges may be incured.

With many credit cards you will be protected against loss, theft or even damage of the goods purchased. The general way to begin your credit card trail is by starting off with either a student or standard card starting with a small credit limit and gradually increase your limit as you progress and manage your account.

If annual earnings reach a higher level, then a Gold or Platinum card may be issued on request. A bewildering number of offers exist to either keep your custom or to entice you away. These include cashback - interest free balance transfers, reward points and air miles.

For a more in depth view on credit cards look at our full credit card guide.


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