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Use our free stamp duty calculator to calculate what your stamp duty costs will be. When purchasing a property of £120,000 or more, the stamp duty land tax (SDLT) must be figured into the overall cost of the transaction. Our quick and easy stamp duty calculator can tally this additional cost on buying new property.

To compensate for property inflation due to the UK housing market boom, the stamp duty was reformed in 2005 and now only properties £120,000 and above are subject to the tax. However, with the average cost of a house in the UK at nearly £200,000, most homebuyers won't avoid the stamp tax. Using the stamp duty calculator can help you anticipate this cost and not break budget due to a hefty tax.


How Much Is Stamp Duty?

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This stamp duty calculator lets you know exactly how much you need to pay for the property you are purchasing. It is important when budgeting for a house purchase that you factor in the stamp-duty due in your overall costs.


Some people who are buying property will qualify for Disadvantaged Area Relief. Your solicitor or conveyancer should identify this during the freehold transaction and apply for the stamp duty to be waived. If you are not sure and want to check for yourself, visit the website of HM Revenue & Customs and do a electoral ward or postcode (Scotland) search for the property.

The information provided from these calculators is for example only and should not be relied upon. For comprehensive mortgage advice and calculations specific for your circumstances please call 01208 872689 to speak with one of our mortgage advisors.

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Please note that Stamp Duty (SDLT) has been chargeable in Disadvantaged Relief Areas for Commercial properties since 2005.